Not All Waterproofing Systems are the Same!

There are many different “French Drainage” interior waterproofing systems out there. A private and independent agency inspector has documented, with photographs, the water damage done to a recent customer’s property. The problem was rectified by U.S. Waterproofing.

We clearly identify dangerous mold spores and health hazard problems, shown throughout this handout.

A well known nationally franchised company had misdiagnosed and thus installed an inadequate and faulty system resulting in the homeowner’s latest problem.

Not All Waterproofing Systems are the Same!

Because of this, severe mold spores and rot are present after the contractor installed a plastic molding “Cove System” around the perimeter edge of the basement. Now the homeowner is faced with major water damage that requires spending a substantial amount of money to fix the same original problem. To make matters worse, they had to remove all the damaged material such as baseboard, door jambs, wallboard, ceiling tiles, rugs, paneling, studs as well as any personal belongings– all damaged as the result of an improperly analyzed and installed system.

This same company was called out on many different occasions to rectify the original problem. They responded by saying that “it’s not our fault” and the homeowner would need more work done to fix the original problem.

Where is their integrity or conscience? Even if more work was needed, this company’s policy quoted, “does not guarantee to eliminate seepage from floor cracks.”

U.S. Waterproofing found that not only was water still coming through the treated area, but in many other sections as well. When the homeowner was asked what the contractor had to say about the lifetime warranty on their system that had failed, the contractor stated, the reason we didn’t suggest addressing other sections, is that it would have been overkill and unnecessary.”

This is just one of the problems dealing with a franchised company. (They use band-aid or quick-fix solutions.) This represents maximum profits for the contractor due to much less labor costs. You are also dealing with highly motivated sales people without having the Consumer’s conscience in mind. They may not have the knowledge required to diagnose and properly eradicate water problems.

Notice closely (Detail A) the white plastic board mounted to the wall. The contractor installed this material and hid the mold problem. We call this hidden problem “out of sight, out of mind.” Mold is still present and growing throughout the basement and spreading upstairs.

Detail B Unsightly finished work that looks un-professional.

Note in Detail C the “Cove System” along the floor. Back in the 60’s, U.S. Waterproofing used a similar system. As seen in Detail C, this faulty system that was installed by a well known “Franchised Company” failed. This company used a so-called “new” version of our old “Cove System.” U.S.W. learned the hard way and noticed an increasingly larger amount of service was required to maintain its effectiveness. This is why, in the 70’s, U.S.W. converted to a new system and abandoned the antiquated “Cove System.”

U.S.W. “Pressure Relief Floor System,” as seen in the March/April 1997 issue of This Old House Magazine, has proven itself over the years, and is truly the most reliable! To date, not a single clog or failure of U.S.W.’s system has been reported. New companies out there are just now learning the hard lessons U.S.W. faced years ago.

Don’t fall for the gimmicks such as, photos of clogged, black, corrugated pipes from fast-talking salesman or self-proclaimed professionals. Get this expertise and knowledge from U.S. Waterproofing, Inc.!

Don’t let it happen to you! Call for a first rate analysis!

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