Risen to the Roof of the Garage

Risen to the roof of the garage – Since long time a sign of life. A lot has happened since the last post. Most work has been done in the basement. We have developed a basement room in a bar, where then our Aldi foosball table stands. We also have to, with over 40sqm generously sized, trimmed hobby room / workshop something. A small part of it was removed and placed in a “cellar in the basement” transformed. In it, everything is now housed, what you have as a basement. There are always some boxes that are filled with things that you need not always, but too good to throw away that are (at least we think).12-gauge-garage-list

But this more another time. Now to the actual topic:

Our garage / carport combination was planned as an additional terrace. Access and railings were already there, all that was left of the floor to make available to them. With this issue we have dealt with in recent weeks. Not an easy task, in which we had to improvise a bit here and there.

The material comes from a local builders merchant, in which we are a “20% off everything” (has no animal food) have made action advantage. Since our total demand was about 80 square meters, this has definitely been worth it. With substructure, mounting hardware and cornices, we have over € 1,500 – saving compared to the normal price..

We opted for WPC, because it is more expensive to buy though. Than wood, but in the maintenance (cleaning and maintenance) significantly cheaper The Oils for wood are incredibly expensive and time-consuming the oil, especially with over 80 square meters area.

The WPC even the briefest visit to the pressure washer.

Before work could begin, however, there was only once a huge problem. Of the planks were delivered about 20% of waste, mostly caused by transport damage. The delivery consisted of 2 pallets (3 and 4 meter pieces) and the goods on both been damaged by careless charging or discharging, what compelled us to examine each board exactly. When we were led to believe that they had sent us the last remnants and already damaged goods, as well as the boards in the middle of the range reported for damage that had been caused by transport.

So we separated the wheat from the chaff and claimed the damaged goods. Our contacts in the building trade was not very pleased by the news, and promised to immediately seek a replacement. Somehow it has taken this poor man hard with us. At the time of the action in the 20% Building Materials was busy. When we were in the garden department waited 30 minutes for the seller, he took pity on us and asked us if he could help us. We explained our intentions to buy, whereupon he told us that he has never ordered such goods (he is a specialist tool), but that we together have got done. At this time he had no idea what he did with it.

At his table we started to give our order. It quickly became clear that the product is not stored in the computer, and everything had to be entered manually. In addition, the meter probably had to be recorded and not the quantity. And, there was 20% on it, which are also taken into account somehow had. The poor gentleman agonized over 1.5 hours with an order of 12 positions. Only the price was not right and then the amount. The computer calculated at once a total price of about € 15,000 -. Out. But he took it with humor.

This then also the claim promptly after delivery. We have noted any damage on each board to send him pictures and let the pictures, along with the corresponding amounts for the replacement.

This met then after about 2 weeks. Not a big problem for us, since we had derweile us busy with other work. Return date was agreed on which we should make the defective goods for exchange.

As the delivery was scheduled for the afternoon, one of us took a half day off to answer the same goods and to check upon delivery. As one who came home at noon, the product was already there, some already provided defective goods but also still present. It has never demanded anyone and we have also kept his feet still. What you have, this one has. Maybe you can do it even once.

The first: get the gravel back of the garage. For this purpose we have a 30cm (diameter) concerned sewage pipe produce there Baustoffhandel because this diameter in hardware stores is not getting. This served as a “slide” for the gravel, which we then stored next to the garage. Bring up the gravel with the crane truck was much easier.

The Second: Surveying. The metal edge around the roof was about 6-8 inches high. Much higher should be our setup either. A small gap to the middle of the area but it should be in there too, so that rain water runs at least to some extent. Using a rotating laser markers, we then attached to the railing posts and cord stretched between them, and then to take measurements.

The Third: balancing the substructure. As the track surface covered with sweat proved to be very uneven, we have this need to spend several hours. Underlaid we have the substructure with crumb rubber strip, so that the welded web is not damaged by the substructure. Last still had the cable for the lighting and outdoor sockets are laid. There was little room for the cord around the edges, we had to partially sucked into the voids of the planks.

As the nerve groundwork was done, we could finally start laying the planks. The 3m pieces we have fixed with 5 straps and a uniform gap ensured 5mm wide plastic strips were clamped was bolted to the crossbar. To protect the welding path, we have introduced a thin layer of gravel between the substructure. If the procedure has recorded times, then it’s actually quite fast.

Meanwhile, the terrace has long been ready. Are pictures of the finished patio with lighting it soon on this blog.

Risen to the Roof of the Garage

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